Since our inception, Marian Shipping has earned an excellent reputation for providing freight logistics consulting services. Our specialized expertise in break bulk shipping has resulted in long term relationships with clients, including large steel producers, trading companies and end-users. Many of our clients have worked with Marian Shipping for over 25 years and rely upon our effective logistics solutions to reduce their costs and achieve maximum supply chain efficiency. 


Key to the company’s success is the fact that we partner with our clients, assuming the role of their inside freight logistics department. In this role, Marian Shipping has developed a highly efficient method of operation that allows for maximum control over our clients transportation and handling costs.  Our straightforward, honest approach results in developing a long term trust with our clients as well as their vendors.  


Marian Shipping maintains two offices centrally located to their adjacent ports. The reputation and partnerships Marian Shipping has established extend along the U.S. West Coast and Gulf Coast including contracts in Mexico and Canada. Working in the steel and break bulk industry for over 25 years has lead Marian Shipping to cultivate a network of service providers to meet your logistics needs.  


Marian Shipping's West Coast operations are centralized in the California office located near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The West Coast office handles ocean freight brokerage, stevedoring and trucking. Marian Shipping is able to provide ocean freight rates from a variety of break bulk carriers. The stevedoring services range along the U.S. West Coast and Canada. Marian Shipping has deep-rooted business relationships with the Port Authorities and stevedoring companies. Should your cargo require direct delivery via truck or rail, Marian Shipping can also arrange those services.  


Marian Shipping's Gulf Coast and East Coast operations are centralized in our New Orleans office located near the Port of New Orleans.  Our New Orleans office provides stevedoring services for a multitude of cargoes. With local knowledge and experience, Marian Shipping can provide logistics port planning to assist clients in selecting the best port and route for proper handling and timely delivery of cargoes. Marian Shipping offers full service river barging throughout the United States Inland Waterway System. In addition to stevedoring and barging, Marian Shipping also offers Inventory Warehouse Management. Marian Shipping has a network of storage and warehouse facilities to serve you throughout the East Coast, Mid-West and Gulf Coast.